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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Al Sharpton says "I Hate My Job!"

Al Sharpton, who failed in his last bid for a new job — president of the United States — now has a job on a reality TV show that guides people on career makeovers. Spike TV, the Viacom cable channel that targets a young male audience, said Sharpton will host "I Hate My Job," premiering in the fall. Click here for the details...

AUDIO: Judee Regan - "The importance of a work-life balance."

AUDIO: Author - Judee Regan
Judee Regan is an intuitive Business Consultant, an engaging Speaker, a wise Elder, a gifted Storyteller and Author of the book ‘Meaningful Work…the Entrepreneurial Way : Your integrated guide for career and personal Life Management.' Judee discusses the signifigance of work-life balance.(3:10)
click to play

Forget about outsourcing. Watch out for robots...

Matsushita Electric Works has come up with a robot that ships patient records, x-rays, medicine and so forth around hospitals... The picture of the robot cited in this article is a long way from "I, Robot" or "The Terminator," but bares a slight resemblance to The Jetson's Robot Maid - "Rosie." Or maybe that's just me?

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I email and email and email, but not a single response.

"Executives with retained search firms say it isn't true that their firms never review e-mail from candidates. Firms process the resumes and applications they receive either manually or by computer.

Herbert Mines Associates Inc., a large recruiting firm based in New York, sorts its resumes and letters manually. 'I beg to differ that [the electronic mailbox] is a black hole,' says Connie Murray, director of research with Herbert Mines. 'I do look at every one that comes in.' Herbert Mines, which specializes in the retail and consumer-products industries, receives between 50 and 100 resumes electronically each day and keeps between 10 and 20 that pertain to its specialties, says Ms. Murray.

DHR International in Chicago receives about 1,000 resumes daily and sorts them by computer. It discards 'a lot' and sends the rest to a general database, says chairman David Hoffmann.

Korn/Ferry International, one of the largest search firms in the U.S., has one of the most visible electronic candidate-registration systems, called 'e-Korn/Ferry.' Executives complete an online registration process, and their profiles are reviewed for initial eligibility for active opportunities, then stored in a database, says Jim Saltmar, vice president of Internet services. The profile of each new registrant appears on an internal online bulletin board for five days, he says."

Check out this article from Careerjournal: E-Mailing Resumes to Recruiters Won't Generate a Big Response:

Making money doggy-style....

The best Jobseeker's Revenge is forsaking the 9-to-5 world entirely and start your own business. Not sure what to do? Here is my quick definition of finding your life's purpose:

1. Write down what you love to do.
2. Find a corresponding need.
3. Put the two together...
4. Never underestimate what people will pay for.

For example, say you like dogs, but you are not a veterinarian and you don't like giving them baths. More or less you like to watch them as they scamper and play around the park. But is there money in that? The short answer is... yes.

AUDIO: What do you say when asked, "What do you do?"

AUDIO: What do you say when asked, "What do you do?"
John West Hadley, FSA is a Career Search, Enhancement Counselor and principal of John Hadley Associates. John explains to us the best way to answer the question, "What do you do?" (3:18)
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Monday, June 28, 2004

How to change careers, risk free...

Every so often, we are presented with an opportunity to shift career gears. For Greg Raymer, that moment came on May 28, when the Pfizer patent attorney won the World Series of Poker and the $5 million prize that came with it. Click here for the whole story.

AUDIO: Job Offers you should refuse and why.

AUDIO: Job Offers you should refuse and why...
Bob Gately is a business consultant, professional engineer and owner of Gately Consulting. He explains job offers you should refuse and why. (3:38)
click to play

Friday, June 25, 2004

Out of work and need a good laugh?

Check out Odd Todd's Laid-Off Career Day.

But who is this guy?

When Atom Films gave him the ax in 2001, Todd Rosenberg spent his time watching TV, staring at the wall, fantasizing about how he would spend lottery winnings and taking 20-minute naps that tend to run long. He also tried to think up scams to make some money quick, but he hadn't come up with anything good. Or so he says.

Todd launched a flash-animated cartoon on the internet called "Laid Off: A Day In The Life" that has earned him cult status on the web. How successful is this irreverent look at being unemployed? He has a tv show debuting in 2005 on the Comedy Central Network.

Read how he started here.

And read where he is now.

Is your degree a waste of time in today's market?

The short answer is "no." According to a July 2002 United States Census Bureau survey, people holding bachelor's degrees are expected to earn $2.1 million over the course of their working lifetime--almost $1 million more than the $1.2 million in lifetime earnings for people who hold high school diplomas only. Click here for more information.

AUDIO: Marilyn Kay Snyder - The Proper Mindset For An Interview

AUDIO: The Right Mindset For The Interview
Marilyn K. Snyder is a speaker, author and coach. Recently Marilyn released a "Mastermind Power Coaching" program where she coaches individuals in career changes, life changes and mindset changes. She discusses with us the proper mindset one should have when interviewing. (3:41)
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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Survey: Most Top Women Execs Want CEO Job

Stay home and raise kids? Unlikely...

Get a calculator and we'll figure out the cost of your commute...

"i'm here to calculate the TCC (total cost of commuting) between my two commute options" is how this blog entry began. If you are an engineer or a math whiz or just want to better control your gas expenditures, this will give you some food for thought. Or... not.

So simple and so lucrative! Why didn't you think of this?

Tired of the ratrace and want to start your own thing? Don't have any ideas? How about selling on Ebay? What's that? You're curious, but you don't know how? So are a lot of people. And guess what... somebody is making a LOT of money selling other people's stuff on Ebay for them. Check out: You Drop It Off. We Sell It On eBay. After you read it, ask yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?"

AUDIO: Just how long should a resume be?

AUDIO: Terry Wynne of The Professional Edge
With so many people applying for the same job, it is important to have an edge. Terry Wynne, career counselor and owner of The Professional Edge, discusses different types of resumes and when to use them. (3:08)
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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Recruiter survey says the glass is half-full...

62% of recruiters are confident or very confident the executive employment market will improve in the next six months."

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Who can we blame for the "Jobless Recovery?"

"There is a widespread perception, supported by a spate of anecdotes, that a sharp rise in the outsourcing of jobs overseas by domestic firms ("offshoring"), together with the growth of low wage imports generally, are major culprits in the surprising failure of employment to recover after the last recession. This Policy Brief gathers some of the evidence bearing on this issue, and tries to provide a sense of how important these phenomena are as a component of the shortfall in jobs during the economic recovery in 2002 and 2003."

Check out Offshoring, Import Competition, and the Jobless Recovery by Charles L. Schultze (not the "Snoopy" guy), Senior Fellow Emeritus: Economic Studies at The Brookings Institution.

The white paper he produced is 19 pages of interesting text.

High gas prices make it difficult to work on the road

With gas prices hovering around two dollars per gallon, many employees are finding that it doesn't pay to drive. The Internal Revenue Service currently allows qualifying motorists 37.5 cents per mile of driving and many employers use that figure as a benchmark for mileage reimbursement. The IRS rate is supposed to provide reimbursement for gas consumption and also wear and tear on the driver's vehicle. But a recent look at the figures by the Automobile Association of America (AAA) said that drivers could lose 7 cents per mile on a 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier when fuel, maintenance, insurance and other expenses are added in.

All things considered, many employers are saying "you have to pay to play." However there are some companies that operate in the real world and reimburse mileage fairly. I suggest getting a copy of IRS Publication 463 for tips on how to deduct mileage for business use.

Office matrimony means success for this airline!

When Liz Kellar sells you an airline ticket, her husband, Audie Kellar, may be the attendant helping you board the airplane. The Kellars are one of more than 1,000 married couples -- including four in El Paso -- working for Southwest Airlines, known as the "LUV" airline. Now this is a job perk I could go for.

AUDIO: Author Judee Regan discusses "Meaningful Work..."

AUDIO: Author - Judee Regan
Judee Regan discusses her new book, "Meaningful Work...The Entrepreneurial Way, Your integrated guide to Career and Personal Life Management." (2:54)
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Monday, June 21, 2004

Could you REALLY network effectively if you tried?

Think you have what it takes to network your way into the next job? Take this test to find out.

AUDIO: "The Power Of Video Resumes"

AUDIO: The Power Of Video Resumes
Chris Rovtar, CEO of VideoPop, discusses the power of video resumes. (2:19)

Check out these links for more info:

  • What VideoPop does in a nutshell
  • Click here for a sample of their video resume service.
  • Want more?
  • Drop Chris Rovtar an email: chris@videopop.net
  • click to play

    High School Video Resumes

    This is an archived news story from CNN, but still relevant. High School Video Resumes can give athletes an edge over competition.

    Video Resumes are the future!

    Mr. Kittay, a self-employed sales consultant who has sold everything from license plates in Guatemala to credit card services in Israel, had little luck with a traditional résumé. He sent 1,000 of them to prospective employers, and landed only six interviews. Then he tried a video resume. Out of 20 he e-mailed in six months, he got 20 responses. Click here for the rest of the story.

    Friday, June 18, 2004

    Women are roaring in business. At least in these states...

    Nevada is #1 for female-owned businesses. My beloved GA is #3. Click here for the other 8

    Thursday, June 17, 2004

    AUDIO: Turning Passion Into Profit: Michele Barber

    AUDIO: Turning Passion Into Profit: Michele Barber
    Michele Barber of Chele's Treasures discusses how she turned her passion into profit.(2:40)
    click to play

    Work at home dads more common than you think...

    Before his daughter was born, Joe Hirsch didn't think of himself as a stay-at-home kind of guy. John McManus with his daughter Haley, 4, in their Glendale, Ariz., home.

    As a producer for Fox News in Atlanta, Hirsch often would get a late-night call telling him to hop on a plane to cover a breaking story in another city. He kept an overnight bag packed, ready to go.

    Now he's more likely to pack a snack bag for a day in the park with his 2-year-old daughter, Eden. Read "Every day is father's day" for more information.

    Papa's brand new bag

    Good news for fathers this Father's Day, a new study indicates that most Americans think fathers make better employees than men with no children. 77 percent of respondents in a survey called Dads at Work said that being a father translates into better performance on the job. The study was sponsored by Ajilon Finance, a professional staffing firm. Click here for more info

    U.S. Layoffs Not a Result of Offshoring?

    A new study by the Labor Department says offshoring -- outsourcing U.S.-based jobs to lower-cost workers in other countries -- may not be responsible for as many layoffs as generally has been assumed. Only 2.5 percent of the jobs lost in the first quarter went overseas, the study says. Click here for the rest of the story

    Wednesday, June 16, 2004

    Something every worker needs when a break is called for.

    Although a step of faith, I am believing every reader will soon have a job where they can use this.

    The good ol' days are almost here. Hiring is about to explode...

    U.S. companies are gearing up to create jobs at rates not seen since the height of the 1990s boom, a survey released on Tuesday showed, adding to evidence that job growth will keep the U.S. economic recovery rolling. Check out: Hiring Plans Near Boom Levels-Survey

    It costs to be your own boss...

    Do you think you are ready to make that leap to full self-employment? The profit from your part-time (up till now :-) business is matching or exceeding your regular paycheck, so you think it's time to fire your boss and make do without that paycheck. Before you take that final step to personal freedom, make sure you truly understand what you are giving up. Be sure to read: The True Cost of Being Your Own Boss (But I still say go for it!)

    AUDIO: Author: Francina Harrison discusses "A Mind To Work."

    AUDIO: Author Francina Harrison
    Francina R. Harrison, the "Career Engineer," discusses her new book, "A Mind to Work: The Life and Career Planning Guide For People Who Need To Work Now! (3:14)
    click to play

    Tuesday, June 15, 2004

    Working in Europe? About to be fired? Know your rights...

    EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS DIRECTORATE is working to develop a framework for employers and employees which promotes a skilled and flexible labour market founded on principles of partnership. It deals with relationships between workers and their employers, including individual rights as well as collective arrangements.


    Develop legislation on:hours of work, pay entitlement, public holidays, employment agency standards, individual employment rights, redundancy arrangements, employee consultation, trade unions and collective rights, negotiate and implement European employment directives, research, analyse and evaluate employment relations and labour markets (EMAR), promote workplace partnership and effective employment relations to improve the quality of working life and the competitiveness of UK organisations.

    Workers say outsourcing is not a major threat to jobs...

    Outsourcing not a major threat to U.S. jobs, workers say in poll: "A significant number of American workers think foreign outsourcing by U.S. corporations hurts the economy, but a majority believe their jobs aren't threatened by corporations shifting jobs overseas, according to a poll released Monday. Responding to a survey on a prominent election-year issue, 66 percent of U.S. workers said that offshore outsourcing of jobs is harmful for the economy. However, 84 percent believe it's unlikely that their jobs are in danger of being moved to an offshore location. The data came from a national poll of 2,814 workers released by Hudson Global Resources. "

    Employment agencies caught exploiting immigrants...

    Agencies who exploited immigrants are now experiencing the big payback: "Five employment agencies have agreed to settle cases accusing them of sending immigrants to fill jobs paying less than minimum wage, state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said Tuesday. Spitzer is investigating about 20 other employment agencies, mostly in New York City, over the same issue, said spokeswoman Maritere Arce. State law prohibits employment agencies from knowingly sending applicants _ for a fee _ to jobs that pay less then the state and federal minimum wage of $5.15 per hour, or that don't pay overtime after 40 hours of work per week."

    AUDIO: Jobsearch strategies that work...

    AUDIO: Terry Wynne of The Professional Edge
    With so many people applying for the same job, it is important to have an edge. Terry Wynne, career counselor and owner of The Professional Edge, discusses effective jobsearch strategies. (2:50)
    click to play

    Monday, June 14, 2004

    Has outsourcing gone too far? Now churches are doing it!

    Has outsourcing gone too far? With Roman Catholic clergy in short supply in the United States, Indian priests are picking up some of their work, saying Mass for special intentions, in a sacred if unusual version of outsourcing.

    American, as well as Canadian and European churches, are sending Mass intentions, or requests for services like those to remember deceased relatives and thanksgiving prayers, to clergy in India. About 2 percent of India's more than one billion people are Christians, most of them Catholics.

    It's difficult to work in a group when you're omnipotent.

    Click here for a funny collection of work-related quotes. Some of my favorites include:

    I'm not good in groups. It's difficult to work in a group when you're omnipotent. ("Q" from Star Trek Next Generation)

    Yes, we have a dress code. You have to dress. (Scott McNealy)

    ManagementSpeak: Individual Contributor. Translation: Employee who does real work. (Juergen Rudnick)

    Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell 'em, "Certainly, I can!". Then get busy and find out how to do it. (Theodore Roosevelt)

    If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play. (John Cleese)

    By working faithfully eight hours a day, you may get to be a boss and work twelve hours a day. (Robert Frost)

    Some folks can look so busy doing nothin' that they seem indispensable. (Kin Hubbard)

    People who work sitting down get paid more than people who work standing up. (Ogden Nash)

    Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn't have to do it himself. (A H Weiler)

    How to get paid doing what you love.

    How does one turn their passion into profit? Here is an interesting article I found on MSN detailing how to do that very thing.

    AUDIO: Offshoring Is A Dirty Word!

    AUDIO: Danny Sullivan of Offshore Outsourcing World
    These days Offshoring is a dirty word. Here to talk about it is Danny Sullivan. Danny is the President of Eversun Software Corporation and editor of Offshore Outsourcing World. (2:59)
    click to play

    Friday, June 11, 2004

    Debate: Should I Tell Potential Employers About My Weblog?

    An interesting debate here about blogs and their relevance to employers. I lean more towards Michael's viewpoint on this one.

    Why be smart, when you can APPEAR to be smart?

    Recruiting is all about the gut. Evaluating resumes and talking to people and it all comes down to how the hiring manager feels about a candidate. When interviewing for a position, one thing you want to accomplish is to seem smart. I know this is common sense, but who wants to hire an idiot? (All politics aside) But what if you feel that you are not as smart as the next guy? Read this article and discover how you can fake it until you make it. At the least, it will make you smile.

    Executive recruiters are increasingly optimistic about hiring trends...

    Recruiter Confidence Holds Firm In May

    "According to the Recruiter Confidence Poll, published by career management service provider ExecuNet, 62 percent of recruiters are confident or very confident that the executive employment market will improve in the six months ahead, nearly unchanged from 63 percent in April. The monthly survey, which polled 124 recruiters, also found that the executive search industry is expecting a 20 percent increase in the number of assignments they receive from clients during this time, up slightly from 18 percent last month. The short-term outlook for the executive employment market is improving, as 48 percent of search professionals are confident or very confident the market will get better in the three months ahead, up from 43 percent in April. 'The confidence recruiters have in the job market's recovery has not been shaken by interest rate fears and recent volatility overseas and in the stock market,' said Mark Anderson, president of ExecuNet. 'The consensus is that growth in the executive employment market is here to stay for the second half of the year.' Additionally, 36 percent of recruiters report that their firms have plans to hire additional staff in the next three months, down from 43 percent in April. During the last three months, 23 percent of search firms have added professional staff. " Source

    The Power Of The Thank-You Note

    Good manners still matter after a job interview. Behold, the power of the "Thank-You" note.Employers and Recruiters Still Expect Thanks After Interviews

    AUDIO: Gimme all you got! (Salary negotiation tips)

    AUDIO: Pam Stoker teaches salary negotiation for tough times
    Pam Stoker is an Executive Consultant with Stoker Resources Group, a firm that provides marketing and consulting services to the performing arts, congregations, and individuals in career transition. (3:31)
    click to play

    Thursday, June 10, 2004

    Job Lead: Security firms are growing...

    The number of security companies that patrol the shady corners of the virtual world is small but growing.

    "As more and more crime is committed on the Internet, there will be growth of these services," said Rich Mogull, research director for information security and risk at Gartner, a technology-market research firm in Stamford, Connecticut.

    Click here for the whole story.

    Now hiring contractors for Iraq! Come one, come all...

    Iraqi contractor Halliburton has a backlog of 100,000 applicants seeking jobs with the company in Iraq, despite a spate of attacks on civilians there, its chief executive said Monday. CLick here for more information.

    Free money for jobseekers! Courtesy of Uncle Sam.

    The "Personal Reemployment Account" (PRA) plan legislation sets up a pilot program of personal reemployment accounts for unemployed workers. An account would be set up for each eligible unemployed worker. Workers can then use the funds (up to $3000) for job training, child-care, transportation while looking for a job, or for career counseling. The funds will enable states to offer accounts of up to $3000 each to eligible individuals to purchase job training and key services, such as child care and transportation, to help them look for a job and get back to work quickly. Recipients will be able to keep the balance of the account as a cash reemployment bonus if they become reemployed within 13 weeks. "

    Homeless Comic: Homeless need job can you help?

    Homeless Comic: Homeless need job can you help?

    How come recruiters never call you back?

    Your "first date" went well and you said all of the right things, but they never called you back. They never said I want to know you better or even buzz-off. No call, no email, nothing... Why do recruiters do that? Check out this article that I am renaming here... 2nd date blues...

    Nurses "Ebay" their way to work...

    Ms. Clark, 34, a full-time staff nurse at Spartanburg Regional Medical Center in South Carolina, usually works three 12-hour days a week and is paid $20.11 an hour. But she can bid for more hours in areas where she is qualified by posting an offer to work available shifts at a specific rate. When she does so, she usually gets her asking price of $39 an hour. Read more here...

    Wednesday, June 09, 2004

    I found what you left on your work computer and I'm selling it...

    For some of us its a VERY scary thought, but once you leave a job chances are you leave a computer behind. A computer with let's say... information you don't want other people to exploit. Am I talking about porn? Sure! But not just that! Have you ever ordered a product on an unsecured server? No? You sure? You ever email your SSN# to someone or passed other such confidential to a third party? I don't want to make you nervous; but even after you delete files on your computer and your ex-employer sells it for scrap (or trade it in for new computers) some hacker can still pull up the data that used to be there. No big deal? You might think differently once you realize people are using this info to steal sensitive info, fake IDs and then shop like its 1999. Read about it here...

    AUDIO: Interviewing tips from Terry Wynne of The Professional Edge

    AUDIO: Terry Wynne of The Professional Edge
    With so many people applying for the same job, it is important to have an edge. Terry Wynne, career counselor and owner of The Professional Edge, describes three different types of interviews and how to prepare for each one.(3:22)
    click to play

    Tuesday, June 08, 2004

    New website gives stats on local jobmarket

    The U.S. Census Bureau, in partnership with agencies in 29 states, has launched a new service on its website providing up-to-date statistical information on the job climate in states and local areas. The new program, a resource for job-seekers and employers, is called Local Employment Dynamics (LED). Click here for more info

    Stocks jumping for joy on job growth...

    Stocks rose yesterday, sending benchmark indexes to six-week highs, on optimism that employment growth will bolster the economy.

    "The economy is recovering, and that's boosting corporate profits," said Joseph Stocke, who helps manage $600 million as chief investment officer of StoneRidge Investment Partners in Malvern, Pa. "Profits should drive the stock market."

    Click here to read more

    Marketing Guru Seth Godin explains how NOT to apply for a job...

    Sage advice for jobseekers from marketing guru - Seth Godin. Specifically, how NOT to apply for a job.

    What? Me fired? I don't think so... I think more money is in order.

    "Offshore outsourcing has had little impact on the salaries of those with critical skill sets such as senior network architects or senior database management staff, said the report by the META Group, based in Stamford, Conn. Based on a compensation survey of 650 large and midsized firms with at least $200 million in annual revenue, the report includes salary data for 180 information technology positions in 14 industries." Read more here

    Its cheaper to keep her! (Innovation in employee retention)

    Sun Microsystems gives each employee their own blog to write about whatever they want. Its a nice perk, but I think its more than that. I think its a clever way to retain employees. By giving workers an outlet to discuss other things beyond work, on company time and with company permission, a whole new sub-culture develops. A sub-culture that breeds company loyalty.

    In an era when MANY people are holding out until something better comes along, SUN seems to be thinking ahead on how to keep who they have. Kudos SUN

    AUDIO: Marc Savas, CEO of Unfair Advantage

    AUDIO: Marc Savas, CEO of Unfair Advantage
    Marc Savas, CEO of Unfair Advantage, gives advice to jobseekers. (1:56)
    click to play

    This is why its hard to pick-up women in a science lab... (They're not there!)

    "Though women represent nearly half the U.S labor force and more then half of all undergraduates, just 18% of scientists and engineers employed in industry are women and only about 20% of students graduating with majors in engineering, physics, computer science, and similar fields are women." This may not be surprising news, and that's a problem. But the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology is working on a host of programs that can change these numbers. Read more here...

    Monday, June 07, 2004

    Permanent "Temps" are a growing phenomenon...

    US work force. Just as companies adopted so-called “just in time” delivery and production methods to better match inventories to demand, so too are they increasingly relying on short-term labor to react more nimbly to changing business conditions.

    The result: The temporary help industry is among the fastest-growing segments of the labor market. Employment in the sector has doubled since 1990, ballooning at a rate five times faster than national employment as a whole. By 2012, the Labor Department estimates, the sector will grow by another 50 percent and add some 1.8 million jobs -- nearly triple the projected increase in computer systems and design services.

    In the big picture, this bodes well for the US economy, analysts say. The ability to quickly bring on workers when demand rises, and just as quickly let them go when it slips, makes the economy more efficient and productive, which in turn frees up resources for new investment, products, and industries. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has said in congressional testimony that the increased flexibility of the labor force helped make the recent US recession among the mildest since World War II.

    But more flexibility means even less security for workers, already buffeted by globalization, automation, and the shifting of jobs overseas. Read more about "Permanent Temps" here

    AUDIO: Stephen Harris of Zero To Network

    AUDIO: Stephen Harris of Zero To Network
    Stephen Harris talks about the origin of his blog "Zero To Network" and encourages jobseekers. (2:29)
    click to play

    Friday, June 04, 2004

    I wanna work from home!!!

    "Telecommuting, teleworking, working from home. No matter how you chose to phrase it, this type of flexible work option is gaining momentum. And it should. Just recently, a survey mentioned on Telcoa.Org, indicated that the number one or number two preferred job benefit for job seekers was telecommuting--even over health insurance! It seems like getting a telecommuting position is the way to go." Read more here

    Listen to my interview with the writer of this article by clicking here.

    What kind of jobs will these children have?

    Despite marked improvement in the lives of American children, a new study finds rising numbers of "disconnected" young adults — those who have no job, are not in school and have not progressed beyond a high school diploma.

    The Annie E. Casey Foundation study, offering an annual measure of how children are faring, showed that nearly one in six young adults — 3.8 million Americans from 18 to 24 — was not in school or the workplace in 2002. Click here to read more about this.

    Concerned? I am... I mean, I know statistically that there will be a surplus of jobs as baby boomers retire over the coming years. This will result in lots of open positions. However, will this next generation be equipped to take advantage of this? If not, what will happen? More outsourcing? More offshoring? I am not a psychologist. But I can imagine a day when psychologists are in high demand and demanding HUGE salaries, simply because there were not enough college students in 2002. What about the techies who manage the internet and all the computers we rely heavily on today? What about...? Well, you get the picture.

    What do you think? Click the comment link below this post and give your opinion.

    This is how employment statistics are figured out...

    Employment statistics for the United States come from both the Current Population Survey (CPS)—also known as the household survey—and the Current Employment Statistics survey (CES), also known as the payroll survey. The household survey is a sample survey of about 60,000 households conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau for the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Its sample, based primarily on the U.S. Census, is designed to reflect the entire civilian noninstitutional population.

    The payroll data are collected from employers' payroll records of about 400,000 individual worksites. This information is gathered by the BLS from a sample based on the unemployment insurance tax records. Both the household survey and payroll survey data are collected for the week of each month containing the 12th of that month. Click here for more info on employment stats.

    AUDIO: Finding Work Where You Work

    AUDIO: Sherri Edwards of Resource Maximizer!
    The topic of the day is "Finding work where you work." Sherri Edwards, CEO of Resource Maximizer, explains the best way a person can get promoted on the job.(3:00)
    click to play

    You are a brand... like Nike, or Coke, remember that.

    "Reimagining Brand You is not a onetime thing. Picking up new skills on an as-needed basis used to be a reasonable strategy. Not anymore. You need to revolutionize your portfolio of skills every half-dozen years, if not more often. This is a minimum survival necessity. Uprooting may be painful, but to me, these are truly exciting times. Remember my mantra: distinct....or extinct." From Tom Peters' Brand You Survival Kit

    Thursday, June 03, 2004

    How to start a business with loose change and persistence...

    Tired of looking for work? Start your own biz with money you didn't realize you had. Read this: Work At Home Moms Start You Business With Found Money

    Employers are saying "Yo, JOe!"

    Transition Assistance Online, a career site focused on helping military candidates transition to civilian jobs, says a recent upswing in the hiring of military candidates has come primarily because of the need to hire candidates with security clearances. Private sector companies in defense related fields have been hiring candidates with security clearances to meet the demands of new government contracts. TA Online says about 80 percent of the employers that advertise on the site have expressed an interest in candidates with clearances.

    Source: TAOnline.com: Career Employment, Placement & Recruiting for Military Service Members & Armed Forces Veterans

    Productivity up! So are my hopes...

    The increase in productivity, the amount an employee produces for every hour on the job, was up from an initial estimate of a 3.5 percent growth rate for the January-to-March quarter and exceeded the 2.5 percent pace registered in the final quarter of 2003, the Labor Department. See the graph

    Is the economic storm passing over?

    "We got data that confirmed strength in the manufacturing side of the economy, which is a good indicator of economic expansion," said John Spinello, fixed-income strategist at Merrill Lynch Government Securities. "The job picture there is a good indicator of the job picture overall, which is pretty strong right now." Click here for more info

    Happy hiring days in VA

    "The unemployment picture keeps getting rosier for Virginia--and the local area. The state's jobless rate in April fell to 3.1 percent--marking a three-year low, according to figures released yesterday by the Virginia Employment Commission." Click here for more info

    Just show me the money!

    Thirty-eight percent of chief executives expect their companies to add U.S. jobs over the next six months, up from 33 percent in March, a survey of leading U.S. CEOs said on Wednesday."Click here for more info"

    AUDIO: Terry Wynne of The Professional Edge

    AUDIO: Terry Wynne of The Professional Edge
    With so many people applying for the same job, it is important to have an edge. Terry Wynne, career counselor and owner of The Professional Edge, gives tips on becoming the most competitive candidate. (2:51)
    click to play

    Jobseekers! Look for smoke, not fire...

    "If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always received," said some wise person. This is certainly true when it comes to job-hunting, especially during a "sucky" economy. How many times have you applied to a job on Monster.com? Now ask yourself, "How many other people have applied for the same position?" The numbers are discouraging I assure you. Should this keep you from applying to jobs online? By no means, job boards are a necessary part of the process. However, if you limit your jobsearch to seeking only those jobs that you are qualified for then you are making a mistake. Am I suggesting that you do a "shotgun" effect with your resume and apply to as many jobs as you can hoping that by some miraculous twist of fate you catch a recruiter's eye? No... and yes, in a way.

    Let's put on our imagination cap for a minute and think of a horrific fire in a subdivision at the peak of rush-hour traffic. What is your immediate focus? The fire blazing bright? Sure... Are you concerned for the people in the subdivision? I hope so... "Now breathe deeply and concentrate," I say in my Yoda voice. "See more, you will, young Jedi." Could it be that you see smoke? Could it be that you hear a fire engine? Perhaps a helicopter with a reporter giving the TV viewers a scoop on what is happening? Perhaps there is another chopper for radio listeners? Perhaps in the distance are people who don't know about the fire yet and are honking their horns and cursing the 5 o'clock commute? Perhaps all of this and more and why are they all there? Well, duh... they are all there because of a fire.

    Now, I know what you're thinking, "What does all that have to do with my getting a job?" "Everything," I say smugly.

    Let's say that you are looking for a job as a network engineer. So what do you do? You look for Network Engineer jobs, which is a good start but not the finish. Consider the events and surroundings concerning your job and imagine what surrounds that job. Let's see... to network computers, there must be a group of unconnected computers somewhere. For a group of unconnected computers to be sitting somewhere, that would mean that some salesperson had to sell them to somebody else. So, who sells the computers that I am qualified to connect? Why "Computer Company A" sells the kind of computers I am qualified to connect. Why don't I call Computer Company A and ask for a friendly sales person? Perhaps with my powers of persuasion (and a little bribery of lunch), I can get him to tell me who his best customers are. I bet his best customers could use a network engineer to hook up all the machines they just bought.

    You like that? Let's go deeper...

    New computers being connected suggest new office space. If I was going to buy new office space, who would I go to? Maybe I can call the leasing office of some business complexes and ask who handles their leasing. Maybe they can refer me to someone? Maybe they lease their own space and will give me a tip on companies looking to move into their space. A possibility... Better yet, I could pick up a copy of "The Atlanta Business Chronicle" (assuming you are in Atlanta) and review their real estate announcements to see who bought what. Whoever is buying lots of office space is someone I would want to talk to.

    Do I have your wheels rotating yet? The trick is not to look only for the fire (in this case, a network engineering job), but the smoke (those people who operate on the periphery of that job). Let me go a step even further. What happens after a fire has been put out? There is water damage, smoke damage, medical issues on occasion and so on. There has to be someone or some group of some ones to clean up the mess left behind. All that to say, as soon as one person gets hired somewhere, there is a possibility of an opening behind them. So, when you read in the paper about Company X has just signed on a new CIO formerly of Company Z, my advice is to call Company Z for a job. This is an especially good technique if you are an Executive, because many senior management types foster a "cult following" and bring other execs with them. (Happens all the time...) Does this go for executives only? No, this would be a good heads up for techies and marketing types as well. Why? New leadership means new processes and new processes often demand people to adapt or stand aside for new personnel who can.

    "Now let's go deeper into the force," I say in a bad Darth Vader accent. And imagine that you cannot imagine other positions that are connected to the job you are qualified for. Imagine that you are just clueless on how to think along these lines. (Anybody can draw a blank…) For these folks I say, look for the recruiter jobs. If you see a company looking to hire Recruiters, Staffing Consultants, Internet Researchers (people who support recruiters by finding resumes online) or Online Sourcers (same thing as Internet Researcher), then that should sound like a cowbell at dinner time.

    If you are thinking to yourself, "Why should I care about HR jobs? That's not my background." I suggest that you slap yourself. Why would a company hire recruiters? They hire recruiters because they are about to load up on new employees! What kind of employees? Well, look at the kind of recruiter they want! Are they hiring technical recruiters? Sales recruiters? Executive recruiters? Ahh... I see the light bulb has just flashed over your head, you're with me now. (Glad to meet you-wink).

    There is an old joke by a comedian named Robin Harris that says, "If you cannot get to the man, get next to the man that is next to the man. And if you can't get him. Get next to the man that is next to the man that is next to the man and so on..." If you are feeling frustrated in your job-search, look beyond finding jobs that fit you, but rather seek out people connected to what you do. If you cannot connect with them, then connect with the person next to them and so on and so on and so on...

    Wednesday, June 02, 2004

    GI Joe wants EI Joes...

    U.S. military researchers are suddenly interested in figuring out whether its soldiers have the "wisdom" and "emotional intelligence" to handle the stresses of war. In its latest call for research proposals from small businesses (scroll way down), the Army Research Institute announced a pair of efforts to get a better sense of G.I.s' souls. Soldiers of today need to new "skill sets… to function effectively under high-stress and other emotionally-laden circumstances," the Army says. "These conditions are sometimes associated with interpersonal transactions but may also emerge as reactions to fast-paced, high-demand events and situations."

    The best way to determine whether a grunt has these skill sets or not: gauge his "emotional intelligence," or EI. It's made up of four abilities, according to the Army: "the perception, management, expression, and utilization of emotion."

    For more information, read Defense Tech: ARMY WANTS "WISE" G.I.S

    My question after reading this is, "How long before something like this becomes part of a corporate job interview? My guess? Not long...

    Cover letter capers...

    Some recruiters swear by cover letters and some ignore them all. Since you have no way of knowing which recruiter is looking at your resume, make the most of your submission. Read "How to email your cover letter" for tips on how to best present yourself in email.

    These companies are kickin' booty! Check them out...

    When jobsearching, go where the growth is. Less likely chance of being downsized that way. BusinessWeek Online: Hot Growth Companies Scoreboard 2004

    Are you afraid of working? If so, you are ergophobic...

    erg·o·pho·bi·a (hm-fb-) n.

    1. Fear of work.

    Fear of work is commonplace in the West: fear of rapid change, fear of misinformation, of being passed over in promotional hierarchies, of backstabbing, of being fired, of interpersonal conflict, of sexual harassment, of failing in one's own or other's expectations, and in general, all the performance anxieties that go along with new jobs.

    Get help here...

    The 24 Hour Phobia Clinic

    AUDIO: Chad Sowash - Direct Employers

    AUDIO: Chad Sowash of Direct Employers!
    70% of all advertised jobs are not on Monster (or websites like it)! Discover where the jobs really are during this interview with Chad Sowash, VP Of Membership Development for Direct Employers Association. (3:09)
    click to play

    The history of CV writing in the UK

    The history of CV writing in the UK may prove an interesting read if you are considering jobs overseas.

    Tuesday, June 01, 2004

    Now Hiring Secret Agents! Taliban members need not apply...

    Israel's secretive espionage agency, Mossad, has made an unusual decision: to draw attention to itself, at least in one area. The agency, well-known for a high profile agenda of missions, launched a recruitment Web site last week with advertisements for computer security specialists, English-speaking waiters and the mysterious agents for "special tasks." In the first day of operation, the site received 1,500 applications, according to the Israeli newspaper, Yediot Ahronot. Spy wanna-bes are asked to provide personal background, military service and education. There is also a 1,000-word opportunity to "add anything you feel relevant to your application." The site, at www.mossad.gov.il, is written in both Hebrew and English. Click here for more information

    Evil Career Coaches Do Exist! Buyer beware...

    In any industry there is good and bad. It sickens me to know that there are predators that take advantage of people who are desperate for help and as such, become easy targets for con artists. For the record, I have found career coaches to be an invaluable resource. As you read the excerpt below (and the full article), you will discover that the buyer should always be wary.

    What red flags should candidates look for when seeking career-counseling services?

    Be suspicious whenever you are asked to pay a large sum in advance for professional services. Be wary if you're contacted by someone you didn't seek out. Also be aware of salespeople who use pressure tactics. Question everyone's motives. Pay attention to your initial impressions. Don't believe everything they hand you.

    I think it's important to do comparison-shopping and become informed consumers about the types of career firms and services in your area and the qualifications of their professionals.

    You should get three to four personal references and run an Internet search about a potential service. Don't make impulsive decisions or respond quickly to pressured sales techniques. Ask lots of questions and write down the answers. Find out where the company got your name. The Internet is a free-for-all zone, and unscrupulous people can get access to materials you distribute that way. Consider a company's overhead and how it manages to keep the lights on. You can always hire a professional on an hourly basis rather than having to pay a large fee in advance.

    Finally, share your situation and questions with people you know well, respect and can trust.

    Read the full article here...

    'The computer will see you now'

    Robots for Recruiters may sound farfetched, but we are not too far away from that now. Click here for more information.

    You're fired! Again?

    You're fired! Again?Less than two months after getting fired by Donald Trump on the U.S. television reality show 'The Apprentice,' runner-up Kwame Jackson got the boot again on Monday -- this time as a judge for Trump's Miss Universe pageant."

    Take Back Your Time Day

    Take Back Your Time Day: "TAKE BACK YOUR TIME DAY is a nationwide initiative to challenge the epidemic of overwork, over-scheduling and time famine that now threatens our health, our families and relationships, our communities and our environment."

    AUDIO: Brian Stelter of Cablenewser

    AUDIO: Brian Stelter of Cablenewser!
    Entrepreneur Brian Stelter talks about his passion for cable news and how it garnered him national attention. (2:54)
    click to play

    RANT: Corporate Courtesy has been laidoff...

    In this era of downsizing, corporate courtesy and sensibility has also been laid off. By Philip S. Geffen

    Sadly, the world has changed in so many ways - including the loyalty of corporations toward their workers. Further, in this era of downsizing, candidates are facing a steep path to finding new employment. Both of these facts will change the landscape of corporate employment - perhaps forever.

    The job market is biased strongly toward the "buyers," in a dramatic shift from years past. However, in this market, the corporate attitude and compassion is clearly lacking as employees lose their livelihoods and candidates are inhumanely processed for the few jobs available. I am living this process and speak from experience, from being "restructured" out of a successful and growing company that felt obligated to meet Wall Street goals, rather than their own associates' needs.

    For companies that are hiring, clearly they can take advantage of finding the most ideal candidate for their open positions. I don’t begrudge them this - as you would seek the best possible price for a new stereo or automobile. However, in the process, the candidate is put through lengthy interviews, requested to take tests or write position papers, called back on numerous occasions and then, often, wait literally weeks or months to learn the results. In some cases, they never learn the results, as the company does not see fit to call or send a rejection letter, or provide any feedback on why they did not select the candidate. Simple courtesy and decorum have gone out the window.

    Recently I cut short an out-of-town visit to return for an important interview, costing me financially to make the flight change. I arrived at the appointment, early and prepared - and was greeted by a different associate who said the original agenda was changed. No problem, except the job specification also changed and I are no longer qualified. When did I learn of this change? During the interview! Couldn't this have been communicated even the day before? Other candidates for this same position were similarly affected. Where was the respect for our time?

    In another interview, I paid for my own flight to come into town after a successful phone interview. When facing the hiring manager, he appeared distracted and uninterested, even when presented with a much thought-out diagram that outlined a possible solution to a problem he was facing. He was no longer interested in my candidacy; however, no reason was ever provided. If there was no interest, why allow me to pay for a flight and go through the paces, with neither explanation nor apology provided?

    If you know people in the unemployment mode, I am sure you have heard similar war stories. However, what should be of concern to employers is what will happen when the economy and job market improves, as it will.

    Clearly gone is the time when an employee was loyal to their company, working long hours and supporting the goals and objectives of the corporation. This recession and downsizing mentality, for the good of Wall Street, in many cases, has spawned a generation of "free agents". When the chips are down, more employees will be updating their resumes and re-igniting their network, rather than staying and helping save the ship. Many who helped try to "right-size" their corporate ship found themselves seeking unemployment payments after being personally right-sized by the same organization. When the economy improves, corporations will find that their current attitudes toward employees and candidates will cause them irreparable harm as free agency kicks in and loyalty becomes an antiquated term.

    What can corporations do to alleviate this eventual backlash? Show common courtesy to employees and candidates. Treat the candidate, earnestly seeking a new opportunity, seeking to earn a salary to feed their family, with respect and dignity. Compassion shown can go a long way. For employers, seek alternative ways to “right size” the corporate ship before tossing your once-valued "employees of choice" overboard. Survivors and victims have long memories.

    Further, top executives who guided the corporation into troubled waters should lead by example and reduce their salaries, eliminate their bonuses to demonstrate a willingness to save rank-and-file employees. Frankly, the excessive golden parachutes and buy-outs are obscene in light of the worker struggling to pay his or her mortgage. Corporate executives: Let's show some decency rather than capitalistic obscenity.

    Simply put, companies need to rediscover what is important and remember those who ultimately help the organization succeed -- their associates. When they realize this, corporate profits and growth will be enhanced, to the delight of Wall Street and employees alike.

    AUDIO: Yearbook Dilligence

    Jim Stroud explains how to leverage your yearbook into a jobsearching advantage. (0:54)
    click to play
    Preparing the frustrated jobseeker for the market's inevitable return.

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